Best Maintenance Tips According to Your Roofing Material

Nowadays roofing market is flooded by the variety or materials you may choose for your needs and tastes. However, among the most important criteria is the longevity. Did you know that the lifespan of your roof may vary depending on the type of material it is made of? Roofing Chattanooga provides you a quick guide of how to take care of your roof and what material is better.

Best Maintenance Tips According to Your Roofing Material


1. Slate Roof

Slate roof is known for the greatest longevity and can serve you well up to 100+ years! It is so durable it  makes all other roof materials look like made of cards. Slate is actually stone laid down think on your roof.

Tip: Make It Last Longer: Immediately change damaged slate tiles. When your copper flashing has become black, it is time to change it. And constantly make sure all flashings are installed correctly and also in great working order.

2. Clay  Tile Roof

This is another great option if you want your roof stay for tremendous amount of time – about 100 years. Clay tile roof is especially popular in Spain and if you ever go there, you will see most of houses have it in fairly good shape.

Tip: Avoid walking on you clay tile roof as much as possible. The main weakness of such roof are tiles, so if they are cracked or broken, don’t hesitate to replace them. When efflorescence occurs, rub up with a clean, completely dry towel. Coat with a clear alkyd primer.


3. Standing Seam Metal Roof

Unlike first two types of roofing material, standing seam metal roof stays half as many – 30 to 50 years. Though pre-formed standing seam metal roof is conventional now. Besides, exactly what can be stronger compared to metal overhead? But you can expect high quality only if a metal roof was made by an expert roof covering company; ensure you contract with a business that focuses on metal roof.

Tip: Have a regular walk on your metal to check for fastener and sealant issues.  Pay attention to distressed, curved, or migrating panels.

4.  Wood Shake Shingle Roof

The lifespan of a wood shake shingle roof is about 35-40 years. Wood shakes are much thicker compared to wood shingles (read below) and can stand up to rain or sun rays much better then thin shingles. This is due the fact that shakes are split or sawn from the log.

Tip: Even though this roof has a great lifespan, any wood should be treated and maintained properly.   Get rid of particles as quickly as it falls on the roofing. Remove moss. Change crinkled, cupped, or split shakes right away and replace them if needed.

5.  Wood Shingle Roof

Because of being an organic material, wood shingle roof can serve you for 25 years.  Therefore it is apt to decay and weathering. As was stated above, these shingles are thin and flat.

Tip: Replace split and also broke shingles quickly. Control moss growth.

6. Composite Shingle Roof

Are you surprised that one of the most preferred type of roofing product places so low on the list of expected longevity? While they became popular in just 15 years, composite roof shingles are economical to buy and install. Expected lifespan for composite roof shingles differs extremely due to the fact that the high quality of this popular product varies hugely. Some manufacturers claim and actually do provide premium service warranties with impressing 50 years of longevity. Yet that does not suggest that your roof will certainly last for half of a century. So typically it is about 15 years.

Tip: Watch out for inexpensive composite shingles that begin to lose grains in the first year. Never power wash your composite tile roof. Remove moss as quickly as it begins to expand.


7. Asphalt Roll Roof

Asphalt roll roof is a piker: it is better matched as a weekend DIY roof covering task for your  shed. Why? Because it will stay there only for 5-10 years! Do not consider using it for your home. 

Tip: There is little you can do to lengthen asphalt roll’s lifespan. Make certain that it is clear of particles.

If you have issues with any type of roofing material or have doubts now and want to change and install a new roof, Roofing Chattanooga provides the best quality service for any of your needs. Call us now!

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