How To Protect The Flat Roof During Winter

Nowadays, flat roofs are a big hit especially with commercial buildings like warehouses, shops, malls and so on. However, they can lead to a lot of stress if they are not well kept. Prevent costly roof repair work by giving your flat roofing a little attention. Here are some ideas for properly maintaining flat roofs.

1. Focus on Safety

It may seem to be much safer to walk on flat roof compared to actually peaked ones, but you still should never forget about safety measures.  Use footwear with soles that grip, buy the still ladder or better get in touch with a professional roofing company to perform the inspection.

2. Look for Puddles

Typically, small sags in your roofing can be hard to find by the unaided eye, yet they usually indicate major issues. After it has rained, check for pools of water. Every flat roofing is somewhat pitched, so pools should never develop. If you see any pools, it is an indication you might need to speak to a roofing specialist to deal with the issue. Next, inspect the flashing, where your wall surfaces meet the flat roofing, for caulking problems. This is also a sign it’s time to call Roofing Chattanooga. In some cases houses shift naturally, and also the seams may require more caulk.

3. Cleaning Up

Debris imitates a sponge. Get rid of leaves from your roofing regularly, or they will certainly soak up and hold moisture and weight. Eliminate branches hanging over your flat roof covering to safeguard your roof covering from dropping leaves, twigs or branches that could create damages. After an especially sever storm or heavy rain/snow, it’s a smart idea look for any damage or schedule a post-storm inspection. Roofing Chattanooga provides emergency roof repair services just for such cases.

4. Clean Your Drain

There should be at least one drain hub on your flat roof. You should annually remove the hubs with a wrench and spray the drains with a hose. This will lower build-up. If you notice merging or find that your drain is blocked, call your roof covering company to clear the drain and also evaluate the roof for any type of unexpected water damages.

5. Be Proactive During Winter

The four actions over can extend the lifespan of the majority of level roof coverings. However, in winter and any cold weather homeowners can avoid leaks by removing snow from their flat roofs after a snowfall. Avoid icicles and ice dams by shoveling as soon after the weather has passed as possible.

With these steps, property owners with flat roof coverings could stay sure they’re doing all they could to avoid the serious issues. If for some reason you have already discovered a problem, call Roofing Chattanooga for best professional roofing service today!

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