How To Use The Maximum Level Of Your Roof Warranty

You possibly have no idea much regarding the standard roof covering warranty, given that the majority of property owners don’t. How much time does it last? Exactly what does it include? Are there any catches to look out for?

The normal roof warranty depends on the life of the roof shingles, so shingles range in life time from 25 years to 40.  Those are the common asphalt shingle warranties on the market today.

Material replacement is often included in such warranties. It means that the manufacturer will replace that defective material on a prorated basis. So if it has been half of the lifespan, for example, 20 years out of 40, then that roofing is going to be alloted for the period you had it installed on your roof covering and that you’re able to really use that item.

Every time you have a new roofing system installed, Roofing Chattanooga will offer you a certain kind of warranty. It protects you in cases when the roofing products fail prior to they are expected to, which can be a lifesaver in particular circumstances. Warranties aren’t permanent, and also there are some points that can invalidate them. In order to maintain your warranty valid and retain your protection, the best is to maintain your roof properly, have periodical inspections and never delay with roof repairs.

If your roofing materials malfunction prior to you expect them to as well as you’re not covered by a warranty, the cost of repair work will landed on your lap. If you do have a warranty, you’ll wish to have your specialist look at your roof covering on a regular basis to see if any kind of products are damaged or stopping working. This aids you catch early issues while you’re still covered. You also want to prevent anything that will certainly void the warranty, like keeping your roof with extreme cleansers or scrubbing to the point of harming your roof shingles. You could constantly play it risk-free by having a roof maintenance professional clean and care for your roofing system. Roofing Chattanooga specialists also share with you the secret tips on how to use the maximum level of your roof warranty.


Unfortunately, many companies find numerous ways to scamp during the roof installation. Not only it influences the lifespan of your roof in the future, but also your warranty. The matter is that if you don’t install the roof according to the specific requirements of the manufacturer, that gives the manufacturer a chance to avoid fulfilling the warranty.

It’s crucial to install the roof the way it is required.

How To Find Information About The Warranty

To find information about your warranty, you have to recognize what product was set up on your roofing. You could find warranty details on the back of the bundle of shingles, or by going on the internet to the supplier’s web site and selecting the exact item that gets on your roof covering. There you will find the detailed information on what exactly your warranty entails.

Is Your Warranty Still Valid?

The only way to understand whether your warranty is still valid or not is to get in touch with a professional roof service company to have someone inspect your roof. Our specialist will make sure that all the installation was done strictly in accordance with the manufacturer specification.

What If The Warranty Isn’t Valid?

If your roof warranty isn’t valid, there are things any contractor can do to bring that roof up to speed to meet the requirements of the manufacturer.

Make sure you cooperate with experienced and knowledgeable roofing specialists when it comes to handling your roofing repair or replacement. At Roofing Chattanooga, we have 50+ years of combined experience to ensure the job is completed correctly the first time. To see the difference in our company, call us today to schedule a free consultation!

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