Ice On The Roof? Here’s What You Can Do

Every winter season ice dams attack city roofs. They generally show up after a hefty snowfall throughout an extensive period of cold temperatures. Because ice dams occur on roofing systems buried in snow, few individuals in fact see them, let alone understand their causes. Ice dams may remind you of your childhood winter moments, but they’re really dangerous. Don’t hesitate to contact Roofing Chattanooga until the time when almost nothing can be done.

Just What are Ice Dams?

The icicles hanging from your eaves and also  gutters  may be a pale memory currently. Yet winter months have come, as well as  one of your house’s worst enemies– ice dams. Ice dams are constant portions of ice that develop along the margins of your roofing.

Why Ice Dams Are Dangerous?

While frozen, they’re no more difficulty than the icicles that hang down. And the ice itself is not a problem. Yet throughout the warmer days of a winter day, water melting off the roof covering pools behind the ice, after that leaks back up under the shingles. The majority of roofing systems are extremely effective at dropping water. Few roofing systems, nevertheless, are designed to deal with water. But in most cases the water eventually trickles with the roof covering into the soffits (the outside overhangs), walls, as well as worst of all, into your ceilings. You’ll initially see rust spots on drywall fasteners, then possibly peeling paint, sagging drywall and stains around windows and doors. Insurance companies pay countless dollars to many home owners annually to fix the damage. But it’s never ever sufficient to cover the time as well as worry of getting every little thing dealt with.

While typically short-term in nature, the substantial roofing system leaks the dams cause can inflict all kinds of destruction to circuitry, drywall, paint, carpet, flooring as well as interior home furnishings. Ice damming could additionally create issues for your exterior siding and also the wood as well as insulation behind it.


There are 4 major sources of ice damming, as well as the last 3 we could actually do something around.

Heat escaping to the attic
Unequal roofing temperatures
Roofing underlayment that water can pass through

Ice dams occur usually when we get heavy snow complied with freezing temperatures, but they could accompany simply an inch or two of snow. Some part of your roofing heats up enough to thaw the snow. The thaw water streams down to one more part of the roof that is cooler, and the water refreezes. The ice creates a little dam that develops gradually as even more melt water refreezes. Ultimately, water backs up behind the dam and works its way up under the shingles until it begins to leak through the roof into the living space below.


Stopping Ice Dams

Ice dam avoidance is best achieved in 3 means:

Attic insulation
Attic air flow
Appropriate re-roofing

Allow our team of specialists from Roofing Chattanooga assist you with protecting your home against roofing damages brought on by ice dams this winter season. Contact us today to find out more about ice dam avoidance, attic room insulation and also air flow, or to obtain info regarding our various other roofing services.

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