May Inspection Checklist For Your Roof

Doing routine roof inspections with a detailed list can reduce your general repairs as well as replacement costs by 45% as well as extend the life of your residential or commercial roof from 13 years to 25 years. It is especially important for business owners, since the majority of commercial roofs should be examined a minimum of twice a year. So just what should you look for when performing this essential preventative step?

Types of Roofing systems

1) Flat

Flat roofing systems are susceptible to leaks and also surface area destruction due to weathering and standing water. Carefully look at the surface of your flat roof for granular loss, ponding, holes, punctures or even blisters in the membrane layer. Check the drains pipes for blockages and also inspect the flashings and also membrane layer seams for indications of wear and tear or corrosion. Flashings are additionally prone to fungi, which can press the flashing away from the surface of the roof and create leaks.

2) Sloped

Sloped roofs are usually created using asphalt roof shingles, tiles, slate, or metal. It’s important to inspect asphalt shingles for granular loss, curling, and flexing– these are signs that the lifespan of shingles is coming to an end and they have to be changed immediately.

As for the tiles and slates, they should be smooth, and any cracks or chips should be checked by a Roofing Chattanooga specialist and replaced if needed. Noticing the damage early will help you avoid serious issues, but if it’s is left to worsen, you may find yourself at risk of a complete roof replacement.

If your roof consists of wood shingles and shakes, you should check them for signs of moss, rot, mold and mildew, warping, as well as buckling. If the roof does reveal indications of issues enumerated above think about your safety. Moss, mold and mildew can make the roof slippery, so walking across it is not advised.

Metal roofs are vulnerable to other problems such as rust and corrosion. Inspect the panels and make sure they’re not loose, bent, or damaged, while the seams should be inspected for uniformity and water-tightness.

Roof Inspection Checklist

1) Noticeable Damages and Debris — The initial step to inspecting a roof is looking for evident signs of damage, including visible structural deformations, dust as well as debris, standing water, and obstructed or damaged gutters as well as downspouts. Any obvious damages ought to be repaired quickly.

2) Exterior Structural Components — All exterior structural components of the roof, including chimneys, vents, fascia, drip edges, and decking should be evaluated for damage, missing parts, corrosion, and also rot. Leaks tend to create around chimneys, vents, and skylights— as well as if they’re not discovered in a prompt way, damage can occur to the underlayment, sheathing, and also joists, resulting in potentially expensive fixing and also replacement expenses.

3) Interior Roofing Components — When roof coverings are not inspected regularly, interior structural damage can take place. Commonly, as a result of absence of regular upkeep, interior damages is the first to be observed. On sloped roofs, the place of the damages may not straight point to the place of the leak. Water follows the course of least resistance, which indicates the resource of the leak is typically not over the noticeable damages. If a leak has been left to linger, rafter and roof trusses must be inspected for proof of mold, mildew and rot, which can indicate comprehensive structural damages.

When doing a roofing inspection, all roof and also structural components must be rated  good, fair, or poor. Components in good condition shouldn’t be fixed or replaced, while parts in fair condition might should be fixed or better examined by a Roofing Chattanooga professional. Parts as well as roof covering in poor condition ought to be repaired or changed as soon as possible by a Roofing Chattanooga specialist.

May is a perfect time to execute deep roof inspection and fix everything before the summer. Whether you are a residential or commercial building owner, don’t put off such serious things. Call our team at 423 443-4083 and we will be happy to schedule the inspection of your roof as soon as possible.

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