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Metal roofing systems are becoming more popular for a number of reasons. One being that metal roofs last longer than an asphalt roof. Metal roofing also provides a different aesthetic that homeowners desire. As with other types of roofing systems, your home’s roof is only as good as the installation. At Roofing Chattanooga, we provide quality metal roofing installations to our clients every time. We have the most skilled installation team to ensure your metal roof lasts as long as possible!

At Roofing Chattanooga, we provide quality metal roofing installations to our clients every time.

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Our leaky metal roof repair and maintenance program... also known as the easy way

Metal roofing is known to last longer than other types of roofing systems. While fairly easy to maintain, they do still require maintenance regularly. Our roof maintenance plans include:

  • Regular inspections to ensure there are no failing metal panels.
  • Repairs of minor damage to keep your roof in the best shape possible and ensure its longevity.
  • And much more

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Different styles of metal roofing materials available-

Exposed Fastener Metal Roofing Panels

These roofs are very cost effective, long lasting, and beautiful. They are made from high quality metal roof panels, which are fastened using the same color of fasteners with neoprene rubber washers.

Standing Seam Metal Roofing

These are premium metal roofing systems that are designed to hide the fasteners. Standing Seam roofs can snap together or be welded together prior to installation.

Metal Shingles & Metal Slate Roofing

These are designed to be beautiful and long lasting. These shingles are very high-end and as strong as steel. The warranties on these products are 50+ years.

Metal Shake Roofing

Metal shake roofing looks like wood shake roofing, but is lightweight and long lasting. There are many different verities available, and all of them are made to last. Metal Shake Roofing provides great fire ratings and is also very energy efficient.

Commercial Metal Roofing

While any of our metal roofing materials are able to be used in commercial applications, these products specifically are designed with commercial use in mind. If you are not sure which product will work best for your company, give us a call.

Metal Tile Roofing

Clay barrel tile is a very aesthetically pleasing option for your metal roof. You’ll find these in other parts of the world such as Rome and Spain. The strength of these roofs have made them more common in the United States, including Chattanooga. We carry many different metal tile products for your roof and would be more than happy to discuss the options with you.

Commercial only no longer, metal roofing has become a growing trend in residential homes!

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