Need Commercial Roofing Services? Think About The Insurance

There are many factors to consider when picking an industrial roofing contractor. A usually ignored one but extremely important is commercial liability insurance.

At the beginning of the construction, no one wants to think about the possibility  of an accident occurring on a work site. Unfortunately, anything can happen, so the roofing company should be clear with you about the insurance policy it carries and communicate essential information regarding that protection to the building owner..

What Commercial Insurance Covers

Commercial liability insurance is required for the common risks that can happen on the building owner’s property. Insurance covers small mishaps like truck backing into an employee’s car, and big accidents as a tip-over of a crane onto the building. An accident that triggers damages or loss could be a roof leak, water damage and fire that results in smoke resulting in expensive additional repairs and lost of production time.

Make Certain it is Commercial-Specific

Liability insurance for commercial roofers differs from the one for residential.  It is important to make sure it is commercial-specific, otherwise the commercial claims won’t be covered. This is because residential loss is not so high. What is also essential, is the amount of coverage in the policy. The majority of industrial contractors have a $1 million policy with a $2 million umbrella policy. This covers the building owner for up to $3 million of losses.

Why It Matters

It is essential to have this protection bound by a well-known trusted commercial insurer that is able  pay numerous claims. As the building owner, you should ask for a copy of the insurance coverage as well as ask to be listed as an additional insured on the policy. This allows you understand that the insurance policy is valid and, if the policy is cancelled, you will certainly be informed by the insurer in writing that the roofing service provider is not covered. This is necessary for roof repairs that take 30 days or longer.

A professional roofing company will take all the actions to prevent damages to the owner’s commercial property and possible accidents by adhering to safe work practices and careful job planning which must always include the building owner’s representative.Roofing Chattanooga will help you with every detail of your roofing system damages case. We offer a free roof evaluation and roof substitute quote. But despite of any thorough preparations accidents may happen to anyone, and having a liability insurance coverage for those instances allows those events to be much less troublesome.

Do you have additional concerns about your business or commercial roof covering? We would be happy to answer any your question, just contact us at 423 443-4083. 


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