Roof Inspection Checklist: What You Shouldn’t Miss

As a property owner, you need to frequently check your roof covering; however, sometimes a roof could have taken more damages compared to an inexperienced eye can see. If you have any kind of problems, or have actually experienced serious weather changes in Chattanooga, TN, it’s best to arrange a roof inspection  from a professional roofing specialist from Roofing Chattanooga, that will certainly seek damages that you might not recognize.

If you think your roof is dripping, if you’ve seen the indications of water damage, or if there has been a current windstorm or hail,  you have to find out if your roofing system is damaged, just how much and where it is damaged. Of course you may take a ladder and perform the inspection yourself, but chances are you may miss such serious things as improper flashing, leaks, rot and also mold, structural issues, tile or gutter damage. Additionally, climbing up on a roof without proper safety equipment and assistance is dangerous and thus strictly not recommended. According to the information provided by  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,  43% of ladder falls turned out to be fatal last year.

That’s why getting a professional for a roof inspection is a smart idea. Roofing Chattanooga has the experience, expertise and equipment to find out all the damage, as well as potential issues. Saving your time and money in the long-run, the inspection is done quickly and easily both for residential and commercial buildings. Here are the typical things that must be on the professional roof inspection checklist:

Roof Inspection Checklist

1) Noticeable signs of damage. What means noticeable? Such damages include structural deformations that can be spotted at once, debris, dirt, standing water, and also blocked or broken rain gutters as well as downspouts. Such issues should be fixed immediately.

2) Examination of external structural components. The common problems that occur here are damages,  missing out components, corrosion and rot. That’s why chimneys, vents, fascia, drip edges, and also decking must be examined thoroughly.  Leakages tend to form around chimneys, vents, and skylights– and if they’re not paid attention in time, damage could strike not only your underlayment, sheathing, as well as joists, but also budget, leading to repair and replacement services. 

3) Attic. This is the place where a leak can be spotted far quicker. The damage of the interior roof structure can happen particularly if the roof hasn’t already been inspected or maintained consistently. And, frequently if you see a leakage inside, or indicators of water damage, the resource of the leakage may not be directly over the damage itself. Water flows to the path of the least resistance, and also if a leak has actually been left to linger, all rafter and trusses should be looked for proof of mold,mildew and rot, which could suggest substantial structural damages.

Professional Roofing Service In Chattanooga

It’s critically important that you hire an experienced professional roofer that you can trust. Be cautious of engaging a company that is running a scam. Always check the companies by asking to see their  certificates and checking out testimonies.

At Roofing Chattanooga, we have 50+ years of combined experience to ensure the job is completed correctly the first time. To see the difference in our company, call us today to schedule a free consultation! 

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