Should Your Commercial Roof Be Coated?

This post would be especially useful for commercial property owners. Did you know that there is a cheap and logical alternative to roof replacement? This is about coating assuming the proper criteria is met. Sometimes it is the best way out to save up some money, and sometimes it won’t help at all. So how should you make a decision?

When Coating Is Feasible

Roof covering coatings are usually acrylic or asphalt-based and applied manually hand with rollers or splashed down by special devices. Roof coatings create a chemical bond to the current roofing material. A lot coating manufacturers will offer 5 or 10 year warranty on coating installations. They can range in shade and thickness. The most typical coating products can be found in light shades like white as well as metal silver, which decrease the damage that black asphalt roofs are typically exposed to because of the rough sun rays.

If you roof is structurally sound and free of moisture, no doubt coating will serve it well. To feel more confident about this choice,  any commercial roof should have been routinely maintained and inspected.  In this case the coating ought to be made use of mostly to expand the life of the presently well-performing roof application for a couple of more years till time is right for replacement or repair .

Coatings are likewise suitable when the roof already has the first coating. For instance, some brand-new roofing systems are coated upon completion when installed. If this is the case, the roof and also the coating should also be without any wet and be properly maintained. Re-coating is a great way to maintain the performance of the original roofing coating — it additionally extends the life of the roof system.

When Coating Isn’t Really the Best Choice

Nevertheless, coatings are not the option for the majority of today’s industrial roofing systems. If the roofing system is holding water or is older than 15 years, a coating will be mostly useless. Remember that older roofs are vulnerable to leakages, cracking and peeling. Coating over a wet, old or damaged commercial roof system would certainly be like painting a vehicle that has a blown engine. It’s not taking you anywhere.

Roofing Chattanooga not only offers repair and replacement services for commercial owners. Knowing that proper maintenance can work wonders, our team can provide regular check-ups to pinpoint the weakest areas of your roof and prevent more serious issues, saving your nerves, time and money. Have a question? Call us today without hesitation!

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