Tear Off or Re-Roof? Answer Is Found!

When it’s time for a new roof, your options are to re-roof over the one you have or tear the old one off and start from scratch. Picking the appropriate method will certainly save you money as well as make certain that the roof you obtain suits your buildings demands. If your roof covering currently has 2 layers, you might be asking, “Why can’t I simply tear off the top layer and build over the one left in place?” This situation virtually never ever presents itself as a viable alternative. If the current roof covering has to be replaced, the initial roofing system underneath– which is much older– probably should be replaced, too.

Advantages of Installing on top of an existing roof

By putting down a brand-new roof over the existing one you:

  • Save money, especially when the old layer can stay in place and serve you again.
  • Save time by avoiding the step of having a team get rid of the old roofing system before installing the brand-new one.
  • Benefit to a healthier environment– when you do not detach roof material, it does not end up in a land fill

Tearing Off the Old Roof

So if  a new roof covering layer is more affordable and quicker, why would any individual tear off the old roofing system in the first place?

If there are currently two roof coverings: in this situation, the decision has been already made for you. By legislation, any commercial building must not have more than 2 roofs  since all that buildup is dangerously heavy.
If the existing roof is in really bad condition: if the roof covering is old, disregarded, or waterlogged and metal deck below is rusted, re-roof it. Wetness saturated building products are not a suitable foundation on which to build a new roof.
In with the new: Some property owners simply do not want something old under something new, or are worried about unnoticed inner deterioration. If you have concerns here, a new roof covering is typically the method to go with.

How to find out that I have more than 2 roofs?

To determine if your current roof was mounted over an existing roof, the very first step is to examine your roofing warranty, if it is still in your property. Your warranty consists the name of the manufacturer and whom you can contact to provide this information. If you cannot find your warranty, check the original architectural drawings as a very first step.

If you don’t have your records, the best way to determine what’s under your roof covering is to hire a contractor to cut a roof core. Roofing Chattanooga specialists use unique tools to remove a core that can disclose crucial details about the roof covering’s condition, age, thickness and composition. To examine the amount of  layers, different parts should be taken from the roof. Don’t worry – once the contractors are done, they’ll plug it back up and seal it back in place – but don’t try to do this by yourself!

Also if you do not have your roof documents or core-cut analysis, it’s a smart idea to carefully get up on the roof and check how it looks like. What color is the roof? Is it a solid surface or a membrane? Are there rocks on it? What is the material your roof made of?  You can inspect the deck kind by looking up at the ceiling while inside the building, as long as it does not have a hanging ceiling. These are the questions your specialist may ask when you call. You’ll save a lot of effort and time if you offer some basic information.

Whatever roof issues you have, Roofing Chattanooga is here to provide professional service and help with discovering which alternative works bet for you – re-roofing or tearing off. Just contact us today: 423 443-4083.


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