Things To Think About Before Commercial Roof Replacement

Managing the commercial property is difficult and implies taking huge responsibility both for building, staff and customer safety. That’s why, delaying roof repairs in this case is just unacceptable. If you’ve finally decided to replace your commercial or industrial roof system, a team of experts from Roofing Chattanooga has a couple of ideas to think about before your commercial roof replacement.

Cables and Wires

All rooftop electric as well as gas-related lines and live electrical wire MUST be disclosed to the roofing professional prior to the start of the old roof replacement process. If there is conduit hidden on the roof itself or connected to the metal/wood decking inside the structure, it poses a major health danger to the people working with the roof. If a cable or wire is pierced by either a saw blade or fastener, it could be fatal for a person doing the installation. It is the obligation of the building owner to reveal all conduit or gas lines to the professional roofer, as well as permit the roofing supervisor to to note these lines thoroughly prior to the work starts.

Removing Useless Equipment

Do you have any kind of derelict or ineffective heating, ventilation, and air conditioning equipment or other devices on the roof? Roofing Chattanooga will be glad to help you to get rid of these dead units totally from the roof surface, drop new decking over the hole, and roof over it. However, every commercial property owner or manager should remember, that this is their responsibility to determine notify roofing company which devices, skylights or vents they would like to remove. This preferably should be done before the roofing company’s arrival—although exceptions can be made in process.  The structure proprietor is in charge of the expert disconnection of active or powered HVAC devices by a trustworthy HVAC service provider prior to the roofer can take them off.

Inform Your Staff

Are you thinking about roof coatings (they create a chemical bond to the current roofing material) or asphalting it with modified bitumen? Then you need to realize that it requires using special equipment on the job-site or in your parking area. This machine heats up the fluid asphalt to thousands of degrees and cause a pungent smell that can make some people nauseous. Inform your staff beforehand about the repairs you are going to have and that this smell is only momentary.

A lot of commercial roof covering tasks take more than 24 hours to finish. Roofing Chattanooga is always willing to collaborate with the clients about the best schedule of roof repairs so not to obstruct daily procedures, such as worker car park if roof products or equipment are kept on website, as well as the slowing down of center production if above roof decking have to be securely changed. An expert commercial roofer will certainly have YOUR benefits in mind, as well as be committed to working around your center’s timetable and also private requirements till the project is completed.

Do you have any questions regarding commercial roof repair or replacement in Chattanooga? Contact Roofing Chattanooga today to fix any issues as soon as possible.

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