What To Do With Leaking Skylights

The main purpose of skylights is to let in more light, not water! Getting additional natural sunshine makes your house feel more spacious, lighter and brighter, but leaking skylights can take all that elegance away as well as change it with deteriorating structures or mold if you don’t catch them in time. So, if you have leaking skylights, Roofing Chattanooga specialists share the information about why they leak and what exactly you can do.

Main Reasons Why Your Skylights Leak

If you have found even a small amount of water leaking out of your skylights, there are a number of easy steps to identify the place where the leakage began.

1. Check several times (even if you already did it) that the skylight is totally closed.

2. Make sure that the leakage is not in fact pooled condensation from the bottom of the glass. (This takes place often– in really cold environments, in moist areas, and with single-glazed skylights.).

3. Look at the location around the skylight from both inside and also outside (utilizing correct security precautions) to check for damp or tarnished surfaces.

4. Eliminate any leaves, branches, and dirt that have actually gathered on the skylight and also inspect the glass itself for cracks. Seal skylight fractures with a layer of clear silicone along the entire length.

Inspect the Roof and also Flashing Around a Leaking Skylight.

When you make certain the problem is in skylights and the water is coming from the roof covering outside, look very carefully to see if the shingles and also flashing around the skylight are functional and installed properly. Roof covering should be securely nailed down, so repair any lifted shingles.

Next, have a look at the flashing. Because the function of flashing is to create a watertight seal in between the skylight and also the roof covering, any visible defects or damages (like rust or pinholes) are indications your flashing should be replaced. You must likewise inspect that the roof covering product expands right around the flashing, including each side and the top.This is because water can get easily trapped and cause leaks, if there is some space between the roof and flashing.

Seal Flashing Around a Leaking Skylight.

Begin with getting rid of any water or particles that has actually gathered between the roof covering and flashing. Then lift the roofing shingles far from the edges of the skylight so you can access the flashing. Utilize a putty knife to add a layer of roofing concrete in the gap between the edge of the flashing as well as the roof covering. This will certainly provide a seal against future leakages, as long as it does not dry out or become breakable. Inspect the roof covering cement sealer every few months. If it’s peeling or dried, eliminate and apply a new layer.

However, not all people feel comfortable spending a lot of time on the roof for proper check and inspection. Moreover, this can be dangerous if you don’t feel much confident or don’t have a ladder and certain skills. If these Do It Yourself repair services do not help, better call a dependable roofer near you. Roofing Chattanooga is a locally owned and operated residential roofing company, providing over 25 years of roofing experience in Tennessee area. Call us today – our licensed contractors will certainly be able to repair your leaking skylight quickly as well as successfully.

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