Winter Is Coming – Get Your Roof Ready!

Winter season is just around the corner, whether you like it or not. A vital, yet frequently neglected, part of winter prep work is guaranteeing your house’s roof is ready for the cold.

With a professional roofing company like Roofing Chattanooga, it is quite simple to inspect, clean and get your roof ready for the winter months. Moreover, it would definitely prolong its life-span.  Have you ever before experienced leakages or roof covering damage caused by ice damming? These are avoidable issues you could identify prior to the wintertime. Here is how:

Inspection and Cleaning

Winterizing the roofing system starts with a thorough cleaning in late autumn. Get rid of fallen tree branches and  leaves. For a start, use a push broom and sweep the roof covering from the the top and working your way down. Clean the gutters from fallen leaves as well as other particles. It is essential to have clean-flowing gutters in order to help minimize ice accumulation throughout the winter months. Be very careful during cleaning, because it may result in fall-and-slip accidents. The optimal solution is to hire a specialist to do it for you.

While you get on the roof, check it for any apparent damages, such as missing out shingles or damaged flashing around chimney. Small repair services like these aren’t too difficult for do-it-yourselfers, yet if you have no understanding of roof covering repair or any time for it, Roofing Chattanooga is at your service. We will not only clean your roof, but also inspect it for a wide range of probable issues which typical homeowners may be not aware of.

Indoor Inspection

Indoor inspection is as important as outdoor one. When the rooftop as well as gutters are cleaned and inspected, it’s time to go to the attic. There you should check the ceiling for indicators of water damage. If you discover water stains, it might suggest bad roof covering insulation. This is bad for two factors:

1. Poor roof insulation leads to water leaks and weakens the roof covering.

2. Heat gets away from the interior of the house much easier, triggering higher energy costs as well as ice damming.

If the problem is in the poor roof insulation, you need to change areas and get rid of the roof shingles in the location of the insulation damage. In this case, it is necessary to get the job done right at once. So if you feel unsure – let professionals do it.

Watch Out for Ice Damming

As the winter frost strikes, it is necessary to periodically inspect the roof for ice damming. Ice dams can create significant damage to a roof due to the extra weight. To reduce this risk, remove snow from the rooftop using a lengthy push mop or snow rake. Avoid using water or hot air to get rid of snow from the roof.

An additional risk-free way to get rid of snow from the rooftop is using calcium or magnesium pellets. Inning accordance with the National Roofing Contractors Organization (NRCA), these pellets work at assisting to thaw snow from roofs without creating damages to asphalt shingles.

Our simple tips will make winter season safe for your roof. Though Chattanooga is not the coldest city in the USA and doesn’t usually get much precipitation, it’s still crucial to keep you rooftop clean prior to the cool of winter months hits. Colder temperature levels trigger roof material to come to be much more fragile compared to normal. This makes it much easier to be damaged.  If you haven’t scheduled your pre-winter inspection at Roofing Chattanooga yet – make the call today.

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